Joseph Silvey

Joe Silvey

Title: Media Manager

Joining Renaissance in 1996, Joe came on board to augment our efforts in project management, radio production and graphic design. Prior to Renaissance, Joe was a student at Greenville College (now University) in Illinois. We came to know Joe through Bob Briner. In 1995, Joe worked with Briner as production liaison and co-host for Briner’s nationally syndicated radio show, Roaring Lambs — produced by Renaissance Communications. Joe graduated cum laude from Greenville in 1996 with a BA in Mass Communication.

Currently, his work for Renaissance includes radio marketing, writing, production and consultation on all our movie, home entertainment and video-on-demand promotions; as well as consulting on many of the various other clients and projects that Renaissance has and has had the pleasure to work with.

Joe lives in State College, PA with his wife, Naisha and their children Ar and Lyric.